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The Movement Between - with Alice Riccardi

THE MOVEMENT BETWEEN: An Investigation and Exploration of Transitions in Baptiste Power Yoga

The word VINYASA is derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa which means “to place” and the prefix, vi, “in a special way” - as in the arrangement of notes in a raga, the steps along the path to a mountain, or the linking of one asana to the next. When we first step onto our mat, our major interestis in learning the poses and then the order of the poses in the sequence. This makes perfect sense and is an accomplishment in and of itself!

But is that then the end of our journey? There’s a saying in yoga that states, “Once you know the poses and the sequence, THAT’S when the practice begins!” When we get to THIS place, we are at a crossroads in the evolution of the practice. This is the moment in which we question and consider the importance of the TRANSITION.

In Baptiste Yoga, we say that “Being in the VINYASA” is about letting go of the physical resistance to movement. When we resist the movement, we lose the awareness of “placing in a special way” - in other words, we lose the awareness of the transition. We are “okay” in the poses and our remembering of the sequence BUT we feel clumsy or uncoordinated IN BETWEEN the poses.

Furthermore, when this happens, we feel like we are doing something wrong, or it’s going too fast, or too slow, etc. This is not the Truth. Instead, what may really be happening is that we are feeling our resistance to the movement, our resistance to the VINYASA. This realization is GOOD NEWS! We are now at a point in our practice where we are ready to go deeper. We are ready to begin again. In this workshop, we will investigate what it means to give up the physical resistance to movement and

consequently how that can enhance our awareness and development of “micro movements”; for example, the quick placement of the feet in vigorous sequences like Sun Salutations, the small shift of the hand to smoothly spin to Side Plank, and/or how applying energetic qualities like “sharp,

fluid and strong” help us to keep moving forward. We will also look at the importance of “pacing” (the rate of speed in which an activity takes place) as it unfolds within the pose, each sequence and the entire practice.

A further key component to letting go of the physical resistance to the vinyasa is understanding

how “Dynamic Listening” can reveal our unconscious “autopilot”. Stepping out of our autopilot and into

our deeper listening can lead to breakthroughs in the practice that not only activate our presence to the moment but enhance our sense of fulfillment and contentment with where we ARE, as opposed to where we think we should be.

When we are able to synchronize our listening with that of the teacher’s spirit of leading, we enter into

a whole new state of fluidity of body, mind and spirit. We enter into the experience of being in the VINYASA.

Vinnustofan er fyrir þá sem hafa æft jóga í lágmark 3 mánuði og þekkja Journey into Power flæðið úr Baptiste.

Hvenær: Laugardaginn 29. febrúar kl. 13:00 - 15:30

Verð: 9.900 kr. - Skráning HÉR

Korthafar: 7.900 kr. - Skráning HÉR

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