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You can shop for all cards and book an appointment directly in our app GLOFOX. First you need to create an account or Login.

*Private lessons are available. Please send an inquiry with the number of practitioners, number of hours and timingsinfo@icelandpoweryoga.isand we will be in touch.


General Terms 

*If a customer buys a card or time in Iceland Power Yoga, he accepts the following terms

Purchase of cards

  • It is not possible to return or transfer purchased access to yoga.

  • Cards or access to the station cannot be shared with other practitioners.

  • All practitioners must have a single account in Iceland Power Yoga's booking system that is linked to a single email address. Others cannot use the same email address or access the same account.

  • All yoga admission purchases are final. The buyer has 14 days to return other unused products such as mattresses, towels and clothing.

  • Iceland Power Yoga reserves the right to change the schedule without notice.

  • Icleand Power Yoga reserves the right to change the price list and terms without notice.

  • Subscription must be canceled unless otherwise stated. A subscription with a one-month cancellation clause (indefinite contract) is available. Termination must be received in writing.

  • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our booking system has a built-in reminder system for not showing up for a booked appointment. This means that if a student books an appointment but does not attend, they will automatically receive 1 reminder. When 3 reminders have accumulated, the student can no longer book an appointment online. To reactivate online access, you must send a request to and pay a fine of ISK 2,900. 

Yoga and Health

  • Iceland Power Yoga does everything in its power to start and end classes on time. A reservation is made about changes to the timetable, but you can follow the live timetable on the Iceland Power Yoga website.

  • It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor of any injury, illness, or condition that will affect the student's practice.

  • By accepting these terms, the student confirms that, to the best of his knowledge, it is safe for him to practice yoga and that it poses no particular health risk to you. The student practices at his own risk.

  • Students perform exercises at their own risk and Iceland POwer Yoga is not responsible for any possible accidents or injuries that may occur, which are not directly attributable to mistakes or negligence on the part of Iceland Power Yoga, the management of the center or its employees.

  • Iceland Power Yoga reserves the right to remove from the center those who do not behave decently or who misbehave in the center or towards other customers and staff.

Property and access

  • Icleand Power Yoga is not responsible for the personal belongings of the practitioners.

  • Iceland Power Yoga's front door is locked shortly after each class begins. For security reasons, we do not allow late arrivals and strongly discourage early departures.

  • If a student who is registered for an appointment does not arrive 5 minutes before the appointment, he automatically gives up his mattress space and students on the waiting list will be allowed in instead. 

  • IPY reserves the right to deny access to time.


  • Iceland Power Yoga pledges full confidentiality to the buyer regarding all information provided by the buyer in connection with the transaction. Information will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. 


  • Iceland Power Yoga reserves the right to take photos of customers in Iceland Power Yoga's premises for use in marketing and promotion of the studio. purpose, he must inform Iceland Power Yoga about it in writing.

General Terms and Conditions


  • All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Passes and memberships may not be shared. A

  • All students must have a unique online account associated with a unique email address. Friends and family members may not share the same email address.

  • Every effort is made to hold class on time. The schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please check the online schedule for the most up-to-date schedule. 

  • Iceland Power Yoga is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings. 

  • Front doors are locked at the start of each class. For safety reasons, no late entry is permitted and leaving class early is strongly discouraged. 

  • Iceland Power Yoga reserves the right to refuse entry. 

  • All purchases of services and products are final. No refunds or credits are provided.

  • Schedule is subject to change with notice.

  • Terms, Conditions, and Fees are subject to change without prior notification. 

  • It is the responsibility of the student to notify teachers of any previous injury, illness, or conditions that may affect their practice.

  • Unpaid classes or membership payments will be back-charged.

  • Students consent to having their photograph taken by Iceland Power Yoga at any time whilst using Iceland Power Yoga's facilities and Iceland Power Yoga reserves the right to use any such individual or group photographs of Members and/or guests for press or promotional purposes. If a Member specifically does not want their photograph used for such purposes then they must notify Iceland Power Yoga in writing.

  • Please note that our software system has a strike policy. What is this? In the event you make an online reservation and do not cancel the reservation online and you do not show for class, 1 strike will be noted on your account. Once your account reaches more than 3 strikes, you will not be granted online reservation capability and a 2,900 ISK.  fee will be administered to bring your account back into having online reservation capability. In this instance please send a request to

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