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Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Deepen your understanding of the Yin Yoga Experience

Yin Yoga supports and strengthens the Yin aspects of the body (connective tissue, ligaments and tendons) as well as enhancing and aligning the more subtle aspects of the body’s energy as it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Meridian system. The practice of Yin Yoga also “exercises” our mindful awareness muscle, increasing our capacity to be calm and present in the moment. This training will include: -Learning the basic core yin poses and understanding both the alignment of form and function. -Learning 3 basic Yin sequences that work on specific meridian lines in the body, including variations and modifications. -Understanding how Yin Yoga works on the connective tissue of the body to bring about positive physical results, especially in regard to maintaining ease of movement as we age. -Learning the basics of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Model and how Yin Yoga works to awaken Meridian Lines that connect to organ health which in turn enhances energy and well being. -Basic introduction to the Koshas and Chakras as a platform from which to teach Yin Yoga. This Training is suitable for those interested in teaching Yin Yoga as well as those who want to deepen their understanding of the Yin Yoga experience. Participants will receive a certificate and 20 CEU´s (Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance) Dagssetingar og tímasetningar:

Föstudagur 8/11 kl. 17:00 -21:00 Laugardagur 9/11 kl. 8:00 - 17:30 Sunnudagur 10/11 kl. 8:00 - 17:00 Annars er verðið 59.900 kr. á meðan að pláss leyfir. Hægt að skrá sig beint Hér

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