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Yoga Teacher Think Tank - Tools to Support and Inspire Yoga Teachers

What happens to yoga trainees once they become yoga teachers after graduating? Where do we go to learn more, grow more and understand how to be our best self when teaching?

In this 2 hour workshop, we will investigate the teaching that occurs outside our knowledge of yoga alignment, cueing, yoga philosophy and persona.

Some of the topics we will explore include:

*How to use your Voice with Clarity and Emphasis.

*Understanding Body Awareness when teaching.

*Taking charge of your vocabulary: leaving out the Um’s and more.

*Being your Real Self as opposed to who you think you should be.

*The Energy of Vitality vs. trying to Control the Outcome.

This workshop will include practice, practice teaching, journaling and discussion. All levels of experience are welcome!

Teachers: Alice Riccardi and Inga Kristjánsdóttir


19. October - Kl. 13:30 - Kl. 15:30

26. October - Kl. 13:30 - Kl. 15:30

16. November - Kl. 13:30 - Kl. 15:30


1 session: 7.900 kr. Hér

2 Sessions: 12.900 kr. Hér

All 3 Sessions: 17.900 kr. Hér


(Please include: name, e-mail, phone number and the number of sessions you wish to attend.)

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