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Mindful Eating: Food & Mood - with Mike Murdoch - 30. júlí kl. 18:00 - 21:00

Join Mike Murdoch, Cordon Bleu trained Chef & Culinary Nutrition Expert, in this paradigm sifting workshop. Food choices profoundly impact both physical and mental well being. Expand your understand of how the foods you eat affect far more than digestion. Commit to a shift today and start yourself on a path towards Optimal Health & Happiness! Our bodies are host to trillions of microorganisms! The human gut microbiome and its role in both health and disease has been researched extensively in recent years. Studies point to its involvement in human metabolism, nutrition, physiology, mental health and immune function. Eating for your brain, ultimately, means eating for a happy and healthy gut microbiome. “All disease begins in the gut.” - Hippocratese, father of modern medicine 460-370 B.C. WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU

  • What is your microbiome? Probiotic v. Prebiotic? Leaky Gut? IBS?Demystifying all the recent science around Whole Food Plant Based eating, Ketogenic diet, Intermittent Fasting… Learn what it all means, AND what might be right for YOU!

  • Gain deeper knowledge of the Brain-Gut Axis and the intricate relationship between your gut microbiome, your food choices and your state of Optimal Heath.

  • Sweet and savoury Plant-Based snacks will be served PLUS take home recipes for everything you eat and more. All food served is refined sugar, dairy and gluten-free!

Read more about Mike Murdoch, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and Cordon Bleu Chef here Skráning hér

Fyrirspurnir: Verð: 5.900 kr Verð fyrir kortahafa: 4.900 kr.

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