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   Gift Card!​​

  • 10 hours clip art on16,056 k

    • (previously ISK 18,900)  Shophere 

  • Unlimited month  on11,815 kr

    • (before 13,900 ISK.Shophere ​​​

  • Weekly passon4,164 k

    • (previously ISK 4,900)  Shophere

  • Annual card(One-time payment) onISK 91,715

    • (previously ISK 107,900) Shophere​​​

      • Included in the purchase of an annual pass:

        • ​Mattress storage in the studio

        • 2 guest passes per month




Give yoga this Christmas!

Shop the gift cards here!

Send  them     to you at no cost - next day.

No stress!

Take a deep breaththe spiritin..... and   breathe  from   ❤️


  December gift card discounts  

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