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Backbending 101 with Mike Murdoch - 25. júlí kl. 11:00 - 13:00

Looking to invigorate and expand your backbend practice? Think you’ve reached the limit of what’s possible on your mat? Explore back-bending throughout the entire Journey Into Power flow; gaining tools to help open greater possibility and mobility in your practice.. Learn the benefits of incorporating more backbends into your practice, fun variations and tips for building strength and stamina. Using props, partner work and a playful attitude, you will find a new curiosity and freedom in your body and backbends! WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU

  • Better understanding of backbend anatomy and mechanics.

  • Gain tools to expand your backbending practice throughout the entire sequence.

  • You will leave empowered to safely incorporate backbends into your yoga practice

Read more about Mike Murdoch, certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher here:


Verð: 12.900 kr - Skráning hér Verð fyrir kortahafa: 9.900 kr. - Skráning hér

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